UVA Men’s Basketball Promo Video

The UVA Men’s basketball team were the 2019 NCAA National Champions, and needed an exciting introduction for every game. We were excited to help bring some energy to the video and, by extension, the stadium each game.

UVA Basketball Details

The directors at UVA were looking for a bright backdrop to showcase the team and wanted a way to showcase the colors and spirit of the school. Using 31 Chauvet COLORbands, we made a box of pixels that could fade and flow with each scene. A floor package of 6 Elation Platinum Beam 5Rs brought more movement, contrast, and dimension to the court at UVA Basketball.

Players, cheerleaders, dancers, and the mascot got in on the action, each are equally important to the energy on the court. Using beams and pixels, we can create a dynamic and immersive lighting display to illuminate the UVA men’s basketball team, mascot, and cheerleaders during their games. The beams of light can highlight their energetic moves on the court, while the pixels can be programmed to display vibrant colors and patterns, enhancing the excitement of the atmosphere.

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