Mobile Staging

Stageline SL260

The Stageline SL260 mobile stage with a floor area of 32' x 24' is the most commonly-used portable truck stage in North America. Nearly any venue can have a large stage setup rapidly due to the portability of the SL260. This unit is the largest stage size that can still setup within one hour. This stage offers excellent roof height of 20 ft and large sound/line array rigging capacity of 2000 lbs per side. Additional capabilities include rooftop video screen support and rain-proof windwalls to ensure the stage area remains dry in any weather condition. It's easier than ever to get your message across with integrated ability to hang large promotional banners on the sides and top of the stage. Installation of lighting and sound equipment on the mobile stage takes place at ground level enabling quick and safe setup operations Stageline Mobile Stages are the safest product in the industry with 30 years accident-free operation even in inclement weather. Stageline units are manufactured to comply with the International Building Code, offering engineered wind resistance up to 90 mph without ballast or guy wires. Our experienced technicians are certified by Stageline factory personnel to ensure a safe stage setup.

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Mobile Stage Information

Floor 32’ x 24’ at 3'6" to 5'8" height
up to 56’ x 32’ with additional stage extension decks
Set-up sl260min
Wind resistance 90 mph without windwalls
60 mph with windwalls
Rigging 18,500 lb
Windwalls Full height rainproof windwalls on 3 sides
Covered wings Option 12’ x 20’ each designed for dry, safe and spacious guitar world & monitor mix areas
Towing Fifth-Wheel Tractor Trailer