Mobile Staging

Stageline SL100

The Stageline SL100 mobile stage is the most versatile 24’ x 20’ mobile stage with capability to hang stage lighting, sound systems and promotional banners. The aluminum construction makes it rust proof and allows for towing by a standard pickup truck. Nearly any location can be a show site due to the portability of the unit. The Stageline SL100 mobile stage has a very fast setup time which is crucial when time is limited. Elevate your branding options with the ability to easily showcase multiple promotional banners on this mobile stage. The Stageline SL100 has several setup options enabling usage as bandshell, reviewing platform, front of house location, or full performance stage. This mobile stage is the safest choice for your event with an engineered wind rating of up to 115mph. Stageline mobile stages have a record of over 30 years of safe operation in every weather condition imaginable, worldwide. Installation of the performance lighting and sound systems on the mobile stage can take place at ground level allowing for quicker and safer setup operations reducing risk of accident. Our experienced technicians are certified by Stageline factory personnel to ensure a safe stage setup.

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Mobile Stage Information

Floor 24’ x 20’
up to 40’ x 32’ with additional stage extension decks
Bandshell 24’ x 12’
Set-up sl100min
Wind resistance 115 mph without windwalls
77 mph with windwalls
Rigging 11,800 lb
Windwalls Full height rainproof windwalls on 3 sides
Towing With standard pickup truck