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We're a national design and production company based in Richmond, Virginia. We provide event production services, including lighting, live sound, video, and drape services for events of all sizes, and a diverse range of clients. Our quote process is quick and easy, and you can get started right now!

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Concert & Corporate Event AV

Our concert and corporate AV team is well-equipped to handle any production needs your next large-scale event might have. If you need an AV company for a meeting or holiday party, our team has experience working with national and international brands at all levels. Get a quote today and let us be your next AV company.

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Wedding Lighting Design

Our team of dedicated wedding professionals will make planning lighting for your wedding an easy and rewarding process. We offer a broad range of lighting services for weddings, including uplighting, string lighting, chandeliers, decor pieces, and more. Our large drape inventory can services events of any size.

The Lighting & Sound Company is a lighting company, a sound company, a video company, a drape company, and much more. We service everything from weddings and concerts to corporate events, and we bring our passion for quality and design to the table on every event with our promise of "Event Perfection". We specialize in all areas of event lighting, sound, and projections, including LED lighting, moving heads, concert lighting, line arrays, and uplighting.

Our team of lighting and AV professionals are skilled both technically and creatively, and will help you create a unique event, and turn moments into memories.

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Pick out your wedding uplight colors with our color picker tool!

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The color picker tool can help you visualize what your colors will look like on the day of your event. If you haven't picked your colors yet, this tool can help make that decision easier. Be sure to check out the pin spot toggle option!

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Need a stage? We have them!

A stage can elevate your event to the next level! All of our stages are safe up to 115 mph winds, trusted by local governments everywhere, provide multiple branding opportunities, and setup quick. Feeling overwhelmed? Check out our mobile stage calculator to get a pricing estimate today!

Mobile Stage
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Astera Titan Tubes provide a spectacular backdrop of hundreds of floating white and blue lines behind a pair of cars being showcased

Astera Titan Tube: The Ultimate Lighting Solution for Special Events

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the desired ambiance, mood, and atmosphere of an event or film production. Choosing the right lighting fixtures can make a significant difference in achieving the desired effect. Astera Titan Tube fixtures are one of the most versatile and innovative lighting solutions available in the market today. These powerful

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A 60 ft wide sailcloth tent is adorned with gold chandeliers and white drapes gathered identically at each tent side pole

High-Impact Tent Drape

In the world of luxury weddings, where every detail matters, tent drape becomes a pivotal element in transforming a simple structure into a breathtaking canvas of sophistication. As you plan memorable tented weddings, high-end decor, such as drape, stands as a testament to refined taste and meticulous craftsmanship. Here, we delve into three key methods

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